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Active Lifestyle and Healthy Diet

Active Lifestyle and Healthy Diet Eating habits have a direct impact on our health and an active lifestyle along with a healthy diet is doubtlessly important for over all physical fitness and well being.

With the development of technology, the modern lifestyle has become very sedentary. The excessive use of computers, advanced kitchen gadgets, elevators, escalators, fast cars have restricted most physical activities. The growing popularity of junk food and snacks that can be instantly ordered with a mere phone call, has resulted in poor eating habits and coupled with the already sedentary life style, this leads to poor health and is major cause of obesity and other diseases.

It is therefore very important to inculcate some discipline in life for our own well being by maintaining sound eating habits and an active lifestyle that involves a fair amount of physical activities. Exercising is easier than we think and it is not necessary to hit the gym everyday to stay in shape. An early morning jog or brisk walk followed by some simple workouts or little bit of Yoga can go a long way in keeping you fit, active and healthy. Rope skipping and cycling can also be a fun and healthy way to get some good physical exercise ! In fact any kind of regular physical activity can help you with:
  • Reducing the risk of premature death due to heart diseases
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes
  • Reducing the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension
  • Reducing the risk of colon cancer
  • Reducing feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Controlling body weight
A vigorous exercise may not be always necessary for everyone. Some people have a natural tendency to burn calories due to their metabolic rate and individual lifestyle. For them a light walk may also suffice for daily exercise. The bottom line is “staying active and fit”. The sedentary life style and easily available “convenient food” should not make us dull or lethargic. Another simple thing to remember is that a regular and scheduled exercise time table is not the only way for an “active lifestyle”. If you can enjoy a casual walk to that neighbourhood market instead of always using your car or bike for little errands, a fair amount of exercise can be derived. Active lifestyle just implies doing away with the lethargic attitude and having enough energy to stay agile and active.

A healthy diet is the second ingredient for good health. The daily diet should be balanced with a proper intake of nutrient rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, cereals and whole grains. In other words, there should be sufficient intake of proteins, calcium, minerals and vitamins in the diet to ensure the sound development of body along with a matching resistance against common diseases. A healthy diet is not a “rich diet” and not a prerogative of the rich and privileged. Nature has supplied us with a host of options and there are multiple sources of all nutrients. So if you need proteins to provide a healthy diet to your child, it is not just present in eggs, milk and meat but also in spinach, soybean,legumes, oats, whole grains, rice and peas. With a sound knowledge of all food groups, you can prepare a wholesome healthy diet for any one in the family.

An active life style and a healthy diet may not alone promote the over all being of an individual. It is also necessary to refrain from smoking, excessive liquor consumption and less intake of “junk foods” for a good health. With a healthy life style and good eating habits you can develop more energy and vitality that eventually increases productivity and efficiency. You also get to save upon your medical bills and unnecessary hospital visits.. In brief, it leads to overall physical and psychological well being. And when you are strong and healthy, you can be an example to others, and help them too, in achieving vibrant health.
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