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Balanced Personal Fitness

Balanced Personal Fitness The increasing awareness about health culture and the importance of fitness, has given a reason to most people to hit the gyms and engage themselves in regular workouts. The desire to achieve a fit, muscular body or the “six pack abs” has caught the fancy of many males, who may be using the help of physical training instructors to get into right shape. Many weight conscious females have been traditionally known to avoid “fattening foods” and they too are becoming increasingly aware of the modern methods to

loss weight

in a healthy way.

The health benefits of physical exercises cannot be denied at all. However, excessive workouts to achieve quick results can be hazardous for health. Fitness is the result of consistent efforts and the results of exercise take some time to show. There is no magic whereby you can achieve a healthy and fit body in 10-15 days with strenuous work outs and then ignore the routine in the hope that you have achieved your goal forever. This is where the concept of balanced personal fitness comes in.

Balanced personal fitness requires that you maintain a sufficient parity between exercise, rest and balanced diet. A professional personal trainer can explain the benefits of such fitness regimes that are planned to suit the age, gender and lifestyle of an individual. For instance, a person who follows a sedentary life style may need additional work out to burn the calories consumed but for someone whose work involves lot of physical activity, simple exercises may be enough to take care of calorie burning. A balanced personal fitness routine also helps to select the right kind of foods in meal. These again depend on the level and kind of activities that a person performs in his or her daily life.

Excessive work outs tend to tire a person out and do more harm than good. Too much exercise also increases the chance of stroke and blood circulation problems. Muscle tissues actually develop rather slowly in case of excessive physical exercise. In extreme cases, extra exercising induces serious performance loss. Unaccustomed overexertion of muscles causes rhabdomyolysis (damage to muscles).

Too much physical exercise may also cause a female to miss her menstrual period, a condition known as amenorrhea. It should also be remembered that stopping an exercise routine abruptly may lead to joint or muscle ache. That is why balanced personal fitness is so important. Once an individual decides to follow a regular exercise routine, he or she should start with simple activities like jogging and then gradually proceed to other work outs. A warm up activity before beginning a more strenuous workout is also good.

Human body needs proper rest at regular intervals to endure the daily grinds of life. Sound physical and mental health can be achieved when we eat right, exercise and take rest at the right time. With a balanced personal fitness schedule, a person can plan out the appropriate diet and chalk out the right time for exercise and required rest.
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