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Common Eating Myths Among Diet-Conscious People

Common Eating Myths With increase in diet conscious people, there are so many healthy eating tips that may confuse you and makes it difficult to decide which ones to believe. While some tips seem to make sense, others are hard to follow. So, here we will discuss few of the most common eating myths to understand what you really should be doing to improve your health and

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Myth 1: Drinking water helps curb your appetite.
Truth: This one of the common eating myths among people. But the truth is though drinking excessive amount of water may initially help you to feel full, since it moves through the gastrointestinal tract quickly, it would not keep you satisfied for very long. However, you can take water in place of sugary sodas and juices as it may help you loose few extra pounds. As water is essential for good health, drinking some amount before meals will help you eat less. However, don't expect it to have any magic appetite-control properties.

Myth 2: Another common eating myths is cutting on calories lead to

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Truth: Cutting too many calories can have adverse effects as it may send you to the “starvation mode.” This means, it will cause a loss of muscle mass and a decrease in your metabolic rate, both of which can sabotage your

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and fitness efforts. As per the experts cutting your daily caloric intake below 1,000 to 1,200 calories is not healthy. And if you workout or exercise regularly, enough calories are needed to give you the adequate energy. Hence it is advisable to consume high-fiber, nutrient-rich foods.

Myth 3: White foods are healthier than brown food.
Truth: Another common eating myths, White foods are healthier than brown food. But always remember, don't judge food by its color. Certain foods that are naturally white, such as bananas and pears, are rich with nutrients. It’s the white foods that have had the bran removed, such as white rice and white pasta, are not beneficial to one’s health. Likewise, not all brown foods are packed with fiber and have less calories. Hence its is advisable to look at the nutritional value rather than the color.

Myth 4: Food eaten after 8 p.m. is converted into fat.
Truth: It's not the time but the total amount of calories you eat that matters. Actually the calories consumed late at night are not burned as quickly because you are less active. For instance, a cookie eaten at noon has the same amount of calories as one eaten at 10 p.m. Also, many people complain of indigestion when they eat late at night. So, if you want to

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, try and burn more calories than you consume in a day.

Myth 5: Certain foods, such as grapefruit and celery, burn fat.
Truth: Although the grapefruit diet comes periodically as a diet miracle, it does not work.

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can be achieved only by burning more calories than you consume by exercising and otherwise being active. So, if you enjoy these foods, make them a part of your healthy diet.
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