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Cooking in Olive Oil - Advantages and Benefits over ordinary oil

Cooking in Olive Oil Food containing excessive amounts of fatty acids from animal fats is known to be the chief cause of a host of chronic illnesses. Most digestive, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular and skin problems that we suffer from are deeply rooted in the type of oil and fat that we consume. Switching to olive oil, which is regarded by many researchers and doctors as the monounsaturated fat and is believed to maintain good blood cholesterol levels, is a great option to enhance vitality and keep diseases at bay.

One table spoon of olive oil typically contains 125 calories. It has little or no carbohydrate content and doesnít contain sodium. These properties make it the most preferred oil for cooking in order to keep conditions related to coronary illnesses, stroke, cancer and high cholesterol under check.

Cooking in olive oil has numerous benefits. Some of them are elucidated below:

Distinct flavour: This Mediterranean oil has been used to harmonise spices and enhance the flavour of food items since ages. It is used generously in many recipes across the globe. Olive oil is traditionally used for salad dressings, and to marinade fish, poultry and meat and add a rich flavour to these items. The virgin and extra virgin varieties of olive oil are used in their raw forms to augment flavours. Olive oil can be used in appetisers and dips.

Less fatty alternative: Using olive oil for cooking methods that involve the use of excessive amounts of fat is a healthy alternative. For example, the use of olive oil instead of butter while baking considerably reduces the amount of fat in the dish.

Balancing acidity in food: Food items like wine, lemon juice, vinegar and citrus fruits have high acid content which can be balanced with the use of olive oil.

Maintaining a healthy heart: Most cooking oils contain a good amount of cholesterol which is detrimental to the proper functioning of the heart. Cooking in olive oil guarantees that you consume 0% cholesterol. Additionally, saturated and trans fats like butter, tropical oils, animal fats, and partially hydrogenated oils increase the risk of heart diseases by increasing the total and LDL cholesterol levels in the body. However, all types of olive oil contain monounsaturated fat which is most heart-friendly and therefore must be used as a substitute for other cooking oils.

Removing bile problems: Olive oil being extremely compatible with the human body ties up with malfunctioning bile and mitigates the formation of gallstone, pain and irritation in the bile area.

Eliminating stomach problems: Olive oil is extremely beneficial in in maintaining a low percentage of HCl in the stomach and ensuring that the digestive system functions smoothly. It thus the chances of formation of gastric ulcers and other digestion related stomach problems. Cooking in olive oil also helps in curing constipation.

Sustaining balanced metabolism: Extremely beneficial for children and expecting mothers, food cooked in olive oil helps in the growth of the body and bones.

Delaying the process of ageing: Olive oil is a rich source of Vitamin E that delays change in cellular structure and slows down ageing.

Aphrodisiac properties: Vitamin E present in Olive Oil is known to improve sexual life too. Thus, the oil by itself is an aphrodisiac.
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