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Hereby diet-tree disclaim that all the web information including content and other web attributes is solely owned by diet-tree. We are not allowed anyone to use our web content for any of the promotional tools whereas on other hand we too comprised of unique data, facts and web information. All the content and web information being offered by diet-tree is unique. All the information related to lose weight and health are for general use and health purposes; where we not assure or guarantee for any kind of quick and fast result.

Before putting any of the web information to the website; the respective data and facts are being supposed to verify by an expert if in case of any misstatement or misleading words we are held diet-tree under any liability or responsibility. We do not make any warranty or guaranty of accuracy, latest information, suitability or reliability with respect of website and related diet-tree attributes including design, content, colors, services, products, graphics and lots more.

Users or online visitors use diet-tree at their own risk; there is not any kind of compulsion being made by us to any user for using our website. Diet-tree does not take any responsibility on getting any loss to any of the third party or users or online visitors by the way of using our website.

There are numbers of out-going links present in the website; where the diet-tree is not responsible for the nature, theme and content of these outgoing links; if in case of any loss or damage to third party by the way of using these outgoing links of diet-tree; will not put us under any of the liability or responsibility.

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