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Exercise At Home the Easy & Economical Way

Exercise At Home Is a lack of time and resources stopping you from achieving your dream figure? Do you want to shed a few pounds without visiting a gym or hiring a professional fitness instructor? Exercise at home is a great alternative fit a work out in your daily schedule and prevent your coffers from emptying.

Below are a few easy exercises that you can do at the convenience of your home and achieve an enviable figure in no time!

Climb Stairs: Stair climbing is akin to aerobics taught at gyms. Warm up your leg muscles by walking in one place for a couple of minutes. Follow this up by rhythmical climb ups and climb downs. You can alternate between steps, skip a couple of steps, step up and down the stairway quickly or follow any other pattern to have a great daily work out.

Lift the laundry: A basketful of clothes can be more than a household chore. It can lead to the sculpting of your arm. Hold the laundry basket above your head and slowly lift it up and bring it down. Fill in more clothes to increase difficulty. However, remove some clothes if the weight is too much to endure. Do ten to fifteen lifts in three repetitions daily and watch it work miraculously on your shoulder and upper arm.

Crunches combo: Gorgeous abdominal muscles are just a few crunches away. Start with isometric cycles that combine going up and coming down on a slow count of five. Repeat a few times to feel the pressure around your abdomen. Turn sideways to lift and lower your upper back slowly. This exercise will tone your oblique muscles or what are popularly known as ‘love handles’.

Swivel chair presses: Sit straight on a swivel chair and hold the arms tightly. Keeping the legs firmly planted on the ground, try to revolve sideways. This sideways swivel movement will work on the curve around your waistline and help in chiseling it. You can also use a swivel chair to work on your biceps. Sit on a swivel chair and hold the edge of a desk firmly. Using your arm muscles pull yourself towards and away from the desk.

Dance: busting a move is a great way to shed off the extra calories and cut the unwanted fat that borders your waist, thighs, hips and shoulders. All you need to do is turn on your favourite fast number and dance to its beats, losing calories every minute.

Calf exercises: Lift yourself on your toes whenever possible. Repeat the up and down movement 10 to 15 times in three sets. This will shape up your calve muscles.

March in place: While doing random work like folding clothes or talking over the phone, you can march instead of standing still.

Commercial sit-ups and push-ups: You can do a few quick sit-ups, push-up or curls during TV commercial breaks. These will help you burn calories without even realising that you actually worked out!

Video workouts: Emulate exercises recorded on video tapes available in a wide variety in the market. With the help of these tapes, you can exercise at home at your own convenience. Get a diversified exercise routine and work on your arms, thighs, hips and abs with utmost privacy.

Following these tips will help you incorporate exercise in your daily schedule without even realising it. Plus, it will always save you the money!
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