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Fitness and Diet

Fitness and Diet A good and robust health is essential element of a suitable life style. Fitness implies the state of being physically and mentally fit for good overall well being. Physical fitness is the direct result of proper exercise, correct nutrition and adequate rest. “Nutrition” brings in the importance of diet because it is only through a balanced diet that sound nutrition can be achieved. The body requires different nutrients such as calcium, proteins, minerals and vitamins to ensure proper functioning of all systems. Therefore, the components of diet should provide the required sources of nourishment in a proper and adequate manner.

Fitness and Diet are directly related because coupled with physical exercise and sufficient rest, only a good diet can help to achieve complete physical fitness. A healthy diet implies not only abstaining from junk food,smoking and excessive consumption of liquor, but also requires appropriate consumption of food rich in proteins, calcium, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Protein intake is important for cellular replenishment and muscle building. This is specially good for people who are into strength training workout and body building. Chicken, lean meat and fish are well known high protein foods. However even if you are a vegetarian, you can derive your proteins through sources like milk, beans, nuts and lentils.

Calcium is another important nutrient that plays a major role in growth and development of an individual especially children. Apart from being essential in building strong bones and teeth, it aids in clotting of blood and functioning of nerves. Calcium also gets eliminated from the human body on a daily basis and it is therefore imperative to consume calcium rich food for proper physical fitness. Almonds, baked beans, broccoli, spinach, milk, eggs and yogurt are all rich in calcium and must be a part of daily diet.

Vitamins are the organic compounds required as a nutrient in small amounts by the body but are nevertheless an important part of any balanced diet. The body needs adequate amount of Vitamin A,B,C,D,E and K to grow and develop normally. They also help to provide resistance against common diseases, thus contributing to over all fitness. Each vitamin has a special function. For example, Vitamin D provides strength to bones and milk is a common source of this vitamin. Vitamin A present in carrots is good for eyesight and adequate intake of this vitamin is necessary to prevent night blindness. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid increases the resistance power of body and helps in quick healing of wounds and injuries.

We therefore see that Fitness and Diet are indeed mutually related because a healthy and fit body requires various nutrients as mentioned above. These nutrients, in turn are derived from different foods which need to be a part of our diet. No doubt, exercise, rest and over all a healthy life style is crucial for fitness but a balanced diet is the primary requirement of complete and thorough fitness. Hence, good eating habits must be developed for a fit, healthy life.
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