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Hazards of Size Zero

Hazards of Size Zero Thanks to sultry supermodels and glamorous divas who have redefined the brackets of ideal body statistics yet again, ‘size zero’ as the latest fad has taken the world by a rage. The fact that the size zero craze has figured its way to reach the masses isn’t the least bit surprising. Trimming the curves to attain a size zero figure can quite readily let you be in tune with the times. However, everything comes at a price and the value of a size zero figure can actually cost you a lot at a later stage in life. Read on as we unravel the stark truth behind ‘body beautiful’ and reveal the hazards of size zero.

With the markets swarmed by size zero clothes it is not be an understatement to quote that size zero has spread like an epidemic. But before this fashion craze catches you, perhaps you would like to know about some of the hazards of size zero. Pursuing a size zero plan is like signing a petition to expose your bones to long term risks such as osteoporosis, which is caused due to the lack of fat mass in bones. Women are thrice more vulnerable to osteoporosis and other hazards of size zero than men and a size zero diet plan only makes the scheme worse.

Besides the bones, there are some severe hazards of size zero for the brain. In the lack of proper nutrition, the brain weakens along with the body causing poor concentration, sleeplessness and chemical imbalance in the brain. This further deteriorates the neurons and leads to mental disorders.

Loosing muscles is one of the most dangerous hazards of size zero. After the body has lost all its fat, it starts losing muscles, getting weaker in the process. General fatigue, low energy, headache, body ache and persistent ill health can be some of the fatal hazards of size zero.

Did you know that failure to conceive and early menopause could be hazards of size zero? It’s true! Size zero can have a serious effect on the reproductive system too. Following a size zero diet plan can affect fertility and completely abolish one’s chances of conceiving. What is worse, menopause can not be treated even after one’s return to healthy diet.

One of the many serious hazards of size zero diet is weakening of the immune system which makes the body susceptible to a host of infections. Size zero diet is most noticeable on the face. Dull skin and blemishes are the early signs of more serious hazards of size zero to follow.

Weight Loss

should not be taken lightly. In an attempt to lose those extra pounds quickly, women start dieting, without the slightest concern for their body type, metabolism, lifestyle and age. This may be very detrimental for their health. While the line between fit and fat is quite bleak, it must be noted that the body does need calories to survive. Therefore, the key is to be in shape and not starve oneself to death in an attempt to attain a size zero figure.

Remember, wafer-thin bodies may be out of fashion tomorrow. But the grave hazards of size zero may not be repairable at any cost. So, make the right choice!
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