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Healthy Breakfast Choices

Healthy Breakfast Choices Breakfast is the most important meal as it is the first source of food to start off the day with energy and the resistance required to bear all the possible hardships of daily routine. Many people make the mistake of skipping breakfast due to shortage of time before leaving for work or more naively in the hope that it would help them to

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. It should be remembered that breakfast being a lighter meal (as compared to lunch and dinner), gives you healthier ways to pack all essential nutrients that you need.

Healthy Breakfast Choices can be planned for the whole week in any order to ensure a balanced intake of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium and other important minerals. The availability of nutritive breakfast cereals such as oat meal, cornflakes, wheat flakes etc has also given a lot of healthy breakfast choices to even those individuals who have a hectic work schedule and are not left with much time to cook an elaborate breakfast.

A simple list of Healthy Breakfast Choices may include the following in any order:

Day 1: A combination of boiled egg, whole wheat toast, a bowl of corn flakes with milk and a banana or few apple slices.
This breakfast is a source of calcium, proteins, fiber and Vitamin B.

Day 2: Scrambled Egg with whole wheat toast, Pineapple tit-bits, Fat free or low fat milk, a bowl of oatmeal is a good option for another day's healthy breakfast. Choices of fruit can be varied as per seasonal availability or personal taste.
The nutritional benefits of this meal include an intake of calcium, healthy carbohydrates, Vitamin C, fiber, proteins.

Day 3: A bowl of yogurt with seasonal fruits, whole grain bread with low fat butter or margarine, a cup of tea.
Yogurt is a substitute for those who do not like to take milk daily. Being from the same food group, it also provides you with the essential nutrients that milk has. Hence, yogurt is a good option when it comes to healthy breakfast choices.

Day 4: Whole wheat waffles, a glass of fresh orange juice, a bowl of fresh smoothie (prepared by blending your favourite fruit, non-fat milk and protein powder).
Smoothie is one of the healthy breakfast choices as it becomes a single source of vitamin rich fruits and protein+calcium containing milk. For further taste, it may also be sweetened with a little quantity of honey and even little children relish a breakfast with this food.

Day 5: Any high fiber breakfast cereal topped with mixed nuts or dried fruits, a glass of calcium fortified Soy milk, a few slices of apple or a banana.
For healthy breakfast choices, soy milk is a good option as it is the single source of Vitamin A,D,C and Thiamin.

Day 6: Whole wheat muffin with a topping of low fat cheese, a hard boiled egg and a glass of any fruit's juice.

Day 7: On a Sunday or your weekly off , you may get some additional time to enjoy all your meals. So you have lots of healthy breakfast choices to prepare a slightly rich meal. Some grilled vegetable sandwiches with cheese may be taken with smoothie/yogurt/breakfast cereals and a glass of milk.

The list of healthy breakfast choices as described above is only a simple example. These are some of the options that you have to begin your day with right energy levels. There are no hard and fast rules to include a particular food in your breakfast as long as the balance between different nutrients is maintained.

Healthy Breakfast choices depend on personal ability to comprehend the nutritional needs of body and using the right foods to provide it with same.
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