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Healthy Grilled Food

Healthy Grilled Food There are many alternative methods to cook a healthy and delicious meal. Cooking methods include boiling, stewing, frying, baking, steaming, roasting and grilling. Though the method to cook depends on the texture of food and of course the recipe selected but sometimes we can surely tilt the balance in favour of the healthier alternatives. Many times, we intuitively or impulsively go for taste ignoring bland food that may be healthy. Grilled food is a good option when you want to club the benefits of taste as well as nutrition. A cooking method like grilling helps to preserve the nutrients present in most food items and with an intelligent use of few spices and condiments, you can turn create wholesome meal with a rich taste.

Healthy grilled food is usually prepared in three different ways. The most well-known technique used to grill food consists of using under-heat grilling. In this method the food is placed on a grill rack over a charcoal or simply on a gas grill. It is essential to preheat the grill before cooking if you like to use this technique. This method is a perfect way to enhance the flavour of healthy grilled food.

Broiling is another way to prepare healthy grilled food . This is different from grilling on a grill rack as it is done in an over-head cooking oven which also needs to be pre heated. The food is cooked very quickly using this method and it is a good way to prepare some healthy meat balls for children. Broiled meat balls are certainly a better alternative than the fried ones which are very high in calories.

The third common method to roast food is pan grilling. This is good for tender cuts of meat. A cast-iron pan is often used to cook healthy grilled food like lamb chops, tilapia and asparagus.

Some popular and healthy grilled food items include grilled meat, marinated grilled vegetables, smoked sausage, grilled chicken and turkey, roasted fish and grilled mushroom dishes. It would be rather better to say that with a little imagination and clever use of ingredients, you can device your own ways of cooking healthy grilled food. The bottom line is that grilling is better alternative than frying foods especially vegetables, chicken and meat. The taste and nutritive content of meat can be enjoyed the best in the form of snacks or fast food with healthy grilled food options such as grilled sandwiches, Greek style grilled lamb burgers and beef jerky.

It is not wise to think that fried food is tastier than grilled one. As we can see there are a number of ways in which healthy grilled food can be enjoyed. The health benefits are also prime. You do avoid a lot of problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and skin problems. Grilling also helps to cook the food faster, retaining the nutrients which are often destroyed while frying. It is a pure wastage of money when you buy healthy food items but cannot avail their nutrients due to inappropriate methods of cooking. So switch to healthy grilled food if you really want to relish a good taste while not compromising on your health!
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