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Irregular Eating Pattern

Irregular Eating Pattern Our eating habits, physical activities, rest and sleep pattern are the principal factors that influence health and over all well being. Human body follows a natural biological clock and can work well only when there is a subtle balance between work, rest and food consumption. A sudden change in daily routine or inadequate nutrition, insufficient rest, a sedentary lifestyle (without any exercise) and an irregular eating pattern do cause a lot of problems in the long run.

An irregular eating pattern implies the intake of meals at different intervals of time, avoiding important meals and/or frequently indulging in fat rich fast food or junk meals. The increasing pressures of daily work along with the extra time consumed in commuting to the work place (thanks to the irksome traffic jams) leave most of us with little time to think about elaborate meals. To save time, most people frequently prefer ordering pizza, burgers and other fast food or nibble on greasy chips or munchies. The flexible service of some home delivery food chains and the easy availability of convenient food has been a major cause of irregular eating pattern. People often overlook the actual meal timings as per the body's needs and prefer eating according to their own whims and fancies. This irregular eating pattern of munching wherever and whenever you want may satisfy the taste buds or even hunger pangs for some time but is not good for a sound health. Smoking cigarettes and frequently taking alcoholic drinks may also lead to irregular eating pattern. Some people prefer to socialize for long hours with beer and other forms of liquor, ignoring the essential or often being too intoxicated to even consume one.

Regardless of the causes, an irregular eating pattern is the source of many health problems which we do not realize before those ill effects assume a major form.

Irregular eating pattern is a major cause of insomnia. Some of the stimulating and rich foods are not easily digested and if eaten at improper timings, they may also interfere with the working of enzymes that help to digest other important nutrients.

Obesity is a natural result of irregular eating pattern and becomes apparent very soon in people who habitually live on junk food to avoid the inconvenience of preparing a meal. The harmful impacts of obesity are well known.

Munching chocolates, pretzels, chips or gorging on cakes or french fries at odd times while watching TV or in bed after meals are also a form of irregular eating pattern and must be avoided as far as possible. Remember, your body has its needs for nutrients and when you try to modify them incorrect ways, you are harming your own self.
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