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Nutrition, Health and Heart Diseases

Nutrition, Health and Heart Diseases Fit and well maintained body is not the prerogative of athletes and film stars. Good nutrition and health is required by one and all . Anyone can and should have a sound health for over all fitness and energy to cope with the daily activities of life.

A good diet that provides adequate nutrition through a combination of the the right food items., is the key to a sound health. In fact nutrition is the input and foundation for good health. This in turn also helps to prevent many diseases and ensures proper functioning of all the vital systems within the body.

A balanced diet contains adequate ingredients to provide good nutrition from all food groups keeping in mind the age, body mass index, gender, lifestyle and the individual body requirements. The diet of a pregnant woman would be different from that of a person who in involved in a lot of physical activities. Likewise, an active school going child may require more of calcium and proteins than an elderly person who may need an easily digestible meal with more of fiber. Nutrition planning is definitely not rocket science and a general awareness about the food groups and knowledge of the current health of an individual can help you to decide the correct sources of nutrition for him or her.

Neglect of nutrition or the intake of improper foods can be a major cause of poor health and may often lead to different diseases. In early stages of childhood, of the intake of protein and calcium is less, it would cause poor development of bones, teeth and muscles. Obesity is another health problem caused due to poor eating habits. It is due excessive consumption of calorie rich eatables and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity can also lead to many other serious health disorders including coronary heart diseases.

Heart diseases are often caused by cholesterol build up in blood vessels. This cholesterol build up in the form of plaque restricts the amount of blood that flows through arteries and if the arteries become too narrow, they fail to supply enough blood to heart. If a part of the heart loses the blood supply completely, the muscle dies and this causes a heart attack which may even kill a person.

Excessively rich and fattening fried foods are the main culprits that increase cholesterol levels in the blood. It is for this reason that selecting the right components in diet is so crucial to prevent such serious heart disorders. French fries, cheese cake, chips and dip, greasy pizzas and burgers which may sound very delicious can be a major reason behind heart diseases if not eaten in moderation. On the other hand, a healthy diet with sufficient amount of high fiber foods is seen to prevent heart diseases.

Nutrition, Health and Heart Diseases are thus closely related and a sound health achieved through consumption of required nutrients goes a long way in preventing heart diseases. This should be supplemented with other healthy habits like some regular physical exercise and refraining from cigarettes and liquor consumption.

“Health is wealth” is an oft quoted old phrase and is indeed true because only a healthy body can adequately bear the stress of daily activities in life. Nutrition simply calls for adequate nourishment with right sources of food and refraining from things that just harm your health in the long run. A balanced diet with sufficient intake of all nutrients can go a long way in promoting and preserving good health.
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