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Obesity in Adults

Obesity in Adults Obesity in adults is a common health problem in the developed countries and in most families that are 'financially well off'. It is the result of an imbalance between intake of calories, relative to what is needed for an individual, and the burning of calories, over a prolonged period of time. Usually an adult with a body mass index of or greater than 30 is considered obese. The body mass index is calculated by dividing the weight of a person with his or her height.

Obesity in adults may be caused due to behavioral factors that include:
  • Excessive consumption of fast food and sugar rich colas.
  • High fat meals during lunch and dinner.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • Sudden cessation of smoking that leads to craving for food.
  • Snacking between meals.
The social factors such as sedentary lifestyle, playing computer games instead of exercising through physically strenuous sports and social deprivation can also be the potential causes for obesity in adults. Commuting to office is by fast, luxurious cars and most people have jobs that involve sitting at a computer desk for 8 to 10 hours a day. After a 'mentally exhausting' day at office, they have little energy left for any physical activity and prefer to watch TV, play indoor games or interact with their friends through social networking websites. These are some of the common factors that over a period of time cause obesity in adults. Some women also tend to eat more during pregnancy and the eating patterns are highly erratic, resulting in weight gain.

The effects of obesity in adults are not just limited to cosmetic aspects or the social stigma associated with obesity. Certainly these cannot be over looked as the social attitudes on obesity range from avoidance to outright discrimination, bullying and leg pulling. All such acts lead to a low self esteem and have even driven many a victim to extreme steps such as suicide. However, apart from these 'social effects', excessive body fat and obesity in adults is also a strong cause of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and some forms of cancer. Sleep apnea and angina can also be the ultimate result of obesity in adults. It is for these reasons that a careful diet plan is strongly recommended by doctors and professional diet planners.

The basic thing that needs to remembered to cure obesity in adults, is to minimize the fat intake or cut it out completely from the diet plan. The diet needs to be rich in fibre Ė that gives a feeling of fullness and also in other important nutrients such vitamins, calcium and other essential minerals. Intake of fresh salads and soups is the best way to

loss weight

. To make them more palatable, salads can be prepared with lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables to give a sweet and sour flavour and over come the 'bland taste' factor that is associated with them. Low fat dressings like yogurt may also be used.

Remember obesity in adults can be malignant if not treated in time!
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