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Fruits for Diet - How to Plan a Fruit Diet

How to Plan a Fruit Diet Fruits are the most readily available and palatable sources of vitamins. Unlike vegetables, most fruits can be eaten in their raw and natural form and are some of healthiest components of a balanced diet. The color, fragrance and flavor of red ripe apples, sweet grapes, fresh cantaloupe or juicy mangoes can also enhance the appeal of any salad or even dessert. Indeed fruits in some form, at least once a day,ought to be a part of any good diet.

While selecting fruits for diet plan, care should also be taken to determine the nutritive requirements of the person. This may be based on age, gender, health and medical conditions and the daily activities of the individual. Some fruits such as mangoes and bananas are good sources of healthy calories apart from minerals and vitamins and are therefore recommended for those adults and athletes who have a physically active lifestyle. Such fruits also elevate body metabolism levels while providing good energy and fat burning abilities. Choosing appropriate fruits for diet plan also depends on the seasonal and regional availability of some fruits. Though food preservation methods have made it possible to relish most fruits throughout the year, but the flavor and nutritive value of these wholesome natural products can be best derived from their fresher variety.

The weaning period of a new born baby is the best time to introduce him/her to vitamin rich fruits. For diet plan of the little ones, little quantities of soft fruits are recommended. Mashed banana or mango , boiled and mashed apple or a mashed papaya can be fed to them. The quantity of feed should be controlled with utmost care as babies take some time to get adjusted to solid foods after a sole diet of milk.

Fruits for diet plan can enrich even the most ordinary and imperfect meals with a good nutritive content. So if you are guilty of living on fast food most of the times due to a hectic work schedule, the intake of a few fruits daily can supply good dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Indeed the people who frequently eat fried or spicy meals must include fruits for diet plan to ensure that the detoxification process of the body is carried out properly. Fruits are also rich sources of dietary fiber that is not found in greased and heavily cooked foods.

To ensure adequate intake of fruits for diet plan, the inclusion of fruits in at least one meal is essential. The morning breakfast should include a glass of fresh orange juice, a banana, apple or papaya apart from the usual butter toasts or eggs. Seasonal fruits can also be added to the bowl of cereals and milk. During lunch, fruits may be used to prepare a quick salad which also augments their visual appeal for everyone. The dinner can also include generous helpings of fruits if you choose to substitute rich cream and caster sugar of your dessert with some freshly cut delicious fruits.

So, there are a lot of ways in which you can include required quantity of fruits for diet plan. With a well balanced amount of all essential vitamins, proteins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron, fruits are the most nourishing natural products for one and all.
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